Monday, April 2, 2012

Bad Hair Day

On Friday, during my haircut, I asked for help styling my hair. Three years with little or no hair made me forget the basics of blowdrying, plus I threw away all my hair product -- and Bailey just ate my round hairbrush.

So Renee at EnV Color Bar in Apex showed me how to dry my roots first to gain height, and then she sold me a spray bottle of this magical powerful stuff that makes your hair defy gravity.

I did okay on Saturday and Sunday, but this morning, it went horribly wrong, and I ended up with a lot of hair standing straight up, next to some hair flopped really flat.  Nightmare. But I was already running late and could not spare the time to stick my head under the faucet and start over.

So I found myself driving to work, catching glimpses of my freaky 'do in the rear-view mirror, and feeling mighty bad. Then I remembered all the days I had to wear a hat -- or worse, a wig -- because I had no hair.

No day with hair can be as bad a hair day as a day with no hair.

(That sentence makes my head spin, but it lifted my heart.)

3:45PM Update: my hair has settled down, and it does not look as bad as it did at 10:00AM.

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