Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Typical Day

It's so weird being out on short term disability and waiting for surgery.

Here is my typical day. I wake up around 6:30 in pain.

I've try to take the morning dose of decadron plus a narcotic painkiller and go back to sleep, but I guess I have finally been on the decadron long enuff for it to be making me Wide Awake and Too Talkative...

Thus, I am up. Breakfast with Lou and morning news. I also make a move in up to like 10 Words With Friends games that I have going.

Since I took a painkiller, no driving for 4 hours.

Lou and I try to figure out what one thing we are going to accomplish together that day once the four hours is up and I have a window for driving.

I am basically good for one errand, after the painkiller wears off. I can do one thing, then come home, take a painkiller, and sleep.

Today, the one thing was lunch at Larry's Southern Kitchen (yum) on Tryon Road in Garner followed by buying a fresh can of tennis balls at Target for Bailey.

I was doing fine till we had to walk thru the entire Target to get to sporting goods.

Had to stop three times and pretend to study products on the lowest shelf, so I had an excuse to bend all the way forward to stretch my spine.

The pain shooting down my right leg was almost unbearable, but went away temporarily with each bend.

If they hadn't assured me I won't fall down paralyzed just yet, I might have been worried.

As usual, I slept all afternoon. And then evening and TV and bedtime...

I was pretty much refusing to take any pain meds all day, bc I am afraid of them, but what was happening was that the pain got crazy out of control, and it would take one dose, four more hours in pain, and then a second dose would finally kick in after an hour or two.

And during that whole time I would be unable to walk or sit, and it would tear Lou up.

So I have agreed to manage the pain better while we wait for the surgery.

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