Monday, April 16, 2012

Admitted to Hospital

Oh, man, today did not go as planned.

I guess my CT Scan looked pretty bad, because the radiologist immediately called Dr R.  He was  especially worried about the tumor next to my spine, the one we irradiated in 2009. It grew.

Dr R called my home number looking for me. He updated Lou, who then told him about all my recent back pain.

Back pain + tumor growth near spine = concern for spinal cord

Dr R found me outside the lab on Floor 0 of the new cancer center. I was waiting for my EKG and planning to go back to the office.

Dr R said we needed an MRI ASAP to make sure the spine isn't being compressed because that can cause paralysis.

Long story short, i am in a johnny, in a hospital bed, waiting for pain meds and the MRI.

Lou is with me! John next door drove him up here lickety split.

Thank God Lou is here.

I just sent email to my manager at work  because 3 of my books are supposed to be published tomorrow, and I probably won't be there to do all the last minute tasks.

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Anonymous said...

Love and prayers sweet Karen.
Kathy from Kirkland
I almost wrote Kent, horrors,
hope that makes you have a tiny

T. said...

Love you to pieces Kaybee....

Mary Beth said...

What a rough day :( Sorry to hear you are in the hospital. I hope things get better and that you get some rest tonight. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Jenn said...

My dad always says "It's no hill for a climber." You're a climber. Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Gracious! I am sooooo sorry to hear all this. Praying RIGHT NOW! Love You and Lou! Sharon

Recurring Back Pain said...

Hope you will be fine for this day and for the days to come. Count my prayers my friend.

Georgia said...

Can't believe you're in hospital! Thinking of you and hoping for the best!

Anonymous said...

Prayers and good wishes that whatever is done makes you better and that you feel better too....hugs and kisses...Mrs. S. xxxooo