Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More CyberKnife, Please

An amazing thing just happened.

I met with the Director of Radiation Oncology here at Duke, who was really nice. After an examination and a discussion, he suggested that I go back to Dr David Morris at UNC for more CyberKnife!

Because the two sites (L4 and L5) are so close, it is important to know exactly what was done in 2009 as they plan what to do now.  So the best thing for me is to go back.

I am pretty happy about that. Everyone here at Duke is awesome, and I would be happy for them to do whatever they want to me --but I also really liked Dr David Morris and know that he did excellent work on me in 2009. So I am thrilled to be going back, if he'll have me, hee hee, as if he might go, "Karen Ross?! Oh no, not again!"


Anonymous said...

Karen, that is great news! So glad to hear your team has come up with a plan. Plus it sounds like the least invasive and least unpleasant option -- nice when things can work out like THAT!

I'm relieved and happy for you,

Anonymous said...

well, this morning I said "crap" that's not wanted "we" wanted to hear but back to a Dr. who helped you and in whom you have great trust is now a ray of sunshine...you go Karen...:) you are truly a pioneer...if he says ok to it's her again...tee!hee! TTFN Love Mrs. S. xxoo

Jackson said...

Hi Karen,

I hope you are comfortable and having some rest. I have enjoyed reading back through your posts and what a fantastic shot of your bald head, jeepers the reflection off that puppy is blinding!!

A bit of humor for you - I don't think I ever told you about Randy's awesome humor but many know we are holiday nuts. Halloween and Christmas by far. I guess our decorations could be over the top.

About 7 years ago now after a week of covering up and dodging him while I dressed I finally got up the nerve to unveil my criss-crossed hop scotch straps woven between my breasts.

He exclaimed:

"God Kathleen, this is GREAT! All you have to do is take off your shirt and you'll already be wearing your costume!" I knew what he meant and I love him to my core for it, atleast to me, it is his acceptance and encouragement and I will never feel afraid to battle anything.

So I hope you kept the toothpick. never know what they'll feed you in the ward and you'll need one!

love, love,

Kathleen Jackson
Feb. 18, 1998

T. said...

Great news! I am glad you like the cyber knife doc! So know you know what to do to stay away from surgery, no falling down and keep peeing! Luv you tons and tons Kaybee! Keep going girl.

Georgia said...

I'm so happy to hear you can access cyberknife! It is not an option in Australia! Hopefully it can do everything you hope for. Sending positives to you!
Cheers, Georgia

Anonymous said...

This is good to hear! The Vanpool continues to cheer you on!

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