Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Get Me Outa Here

They promise that they are in the process of letting me go home!

I have an appointment with fabulous Dr David Morris at UNC for this Friday morning. At first they were telling the radiation oncology Nurse Practicioner they couldn't see me till May 4, but she explained that I am in the hospital here with symptoms and need to be seen sooner... and magically a cancellation appeared in the schedule for this Friday AM.

The only thing we are trying to figure out is what to do at home about my blood sugar, which is high because of the steriods.

My friend Geogia in Australia reminded me how lucky I am to have access to CyberKnife, which is high-tech pinpoint-accuracy radiation. I am super lucky, especially since I am getting to go back for a second helping. (If you want to know more, scroll down to the end of this home page for the SEARCH field and enter CyberKnife -- or go look at the June/July 2009 posts.)

Mo dropped Lou off here early this morning on his way to work. Thanks, Mo!

I'll be back in the office tomorrow. Funny thing is, all the high-pressure tasks were on Tuesday, and I missed them. My coworkers are the best, and I am sure it all went smoothly without little ole me.

Thanks so much, everyone, for the comments here and in email and on Facebook.  It has been a big boost to read all your good wishes. I love the idea that we are bombarding heaven with prayers for me.


Carol Quast said...

Glad for the good news. Hang in. Let me know if you ever need a ride to or from work.

Anonymous said...

looks like they may have remembered you...or not....but they have let you come back...good luck and better results...:) Love, Mrs. S. xxoo

Jo V. said...

keep up the courageous work because we can't leave until we finish what we came here to do! Enjoy the moment
You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.