Monday, April 30, 2012

More Ironing

I am taking my night time dose of decadron with dinner now, in the hope that I can sleep.

It's not working yet.

I am up, ironing. The closet, she is almost empty of clothes being held hostage in a deplorable wrinkled condition.

Surprisingly, Lou is a little overwhelmed with all his wardrobe choices and is finding it more difficult to put together a cute outfit in the morning.

Yeah, that was a complete lie.

He basically just picks whatever is next in line. He's going to kill me now. Hee hee. Make fun of my accent, see what happens.

Oh, and we are making sure he knows how to post to this blog so he can update y'all on surgery day.

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1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

Sorry you were up at nearly midnight ironing, but glad you felt well enough to do it. Here's hoping you sleep better tonight :).