Saturday, March 31, 2012

Been There, Done That

Once again, chemo has made me diabetic!

My blood sugar has been creeping up, and now I am officially diabetic. Let's hope it's temporary. It was temporary last time (winter 2009 to spring 2010).

My primary care physician explained that an A1C over 6.4 is diabetic. Mine is 6.8. So I am just a little diabetic. But the team over at Duke says it will just get worse. So I started restricting my carb intake, checking my blood sugar levels, and taking a really low dose of glimepiride (Amaryl) a couple days ago.

Lou is happy. Well, perhaps "happy" is a bit strong. But planning meals is admittedly easier when both people are counting carbs. No more, "Let's have pancakes!" outbursts.

I figured I had better get the word out.

For my birthday, master cookie baker Tinalynne sent me a huge bag of yummy homebaked chocolate-chip and mini-M&M cookies. To be honest, we saved four cookies in a baggie, and I brought the rest to work. I left them in the breakroom. Wolves descended. Cookies were gone in record time.

Also for my birthday, my friend Carol gave me white and dark Godiva chocolate balls. OH MY GOD. The single dark chocolate ball that I ate was amazing. (I had to give away all the white chocolate balls because, really, they aren't chocolate, and they creep me out.)

Other birthday presents did not present any diabetic difficulties: a fluffy pink and brown cuddly knitted throw from Sylvia, a gorgeous Waterford butter dish from Mom and Dad, an amazing cast iron teapot from Cindy and Mike, a pretty glass bowl from John and Pat, and a NEW COACH BAG from Lou.

How lucky am I, right?


Anonymous said...

Wow, GREAT GIFTS!!! I am sorry about the carb deal. Much Love, Sharon

T. said...

Soilder on and on and on and on...Love you lots and lots Kaybee.