Monday, April 30, 2012

Should I Keep to a Schedule?

At about 3AM, legs cramps woke me up. Luckily the sprained ankle is just a bit swollen and bruised, so I can walk around fine now, so I walked out the cramps. Lou helped by fetching me Gatorade.

I tried to go back to sleep. Lou accomplished that task, I am happy to report. I played Words With Friends and read some CNN articles off my cell. But around 4AM, there were foot cramps, and I gave up hanging in bed waiting for sleep.

So I wandered up to the guest room and looked through some more summer clothes and then picked an old Agatha Christie to re-read. I am hanging in my office, reading.

The question is, is this okay?  If I am up at 4AM, how's that gonna impact my day?  And my sleep tonight? 

But now that I am out on disability... maybe I should just embrace whatever wacko sleep patterns get imposed by the decadron.

With any luck, the decadron goes away after the surgery. With the decadron gone, I ought to be able to sleep an 8 hour night.

In one hour, Lou's coffee machine will roar like a jet engine, grinding beans for his morning brew. That's his alarm clock.


Carol Quast said...

definitely not! (Oh, was that a rhetorical question?)

Drake said...

Karen--Thinking of you so often and miss you at work! Anya