Friday, April 20, 2012

Disappointing Day

The disc we brought from Duke did not contain the MRI so Dr Morris could not get very far with me today.

That was a huge bummer, to get all the way out there with Robert driving, and not have what we need.

They tried to get it via email but only parts came thru, and not the lumbar part we needed.

So I have to go back on Sunday for an MRI at UNC.

Then on Monday, I go back for an appointment with Dr Jaikumar, who determines whether surgery is a better option.

Even tho Duke said no to surgery, yes to radiation, UNC has to come to that decision on its own.

Its not a trivial decision to go with radiation again because the risk of complications might rise because we're back in the same delicate area.

I got home and slept for hours. Got no stamina.

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Anonymous said...

OOPs I need to learn to pay attention, I did not do the comment thing right. I am so bummed to hear they did not give you the right thing, 40 lashes with a wet noodle for them. You have had one heck of a week it is not wonder you have no energy. Prayers to you.

Kathy from Kirkland, Kirkland, Kirkland and loving it :o)

Georgia said...

Wishing you smooth transition to the next step. Disappointment can rip through when expectations are clear. You do inspire us all with your openness and sense of purpose. I am going to check out the possibility of going international to see if I can access Cyberknife! You deserve only the best support and attention from your team. Lots of cheering you on from Australia!