Sunday, January 31, 2010

Please Stop Talking Now

Taking prednisone has been interesting. It has kept me awake every night and made me energetic during the day. Lou has been reaping some benefits because I have been eager to run down to the fridge in the garage to get him a can of soda, or to run upstairs to put things away, or to do the dishes... none of which activities I am usually thrilled to do.

I have four days left on this prescription, but the dose is getting pretty low. For the next two days I take one pill twice a day, and then for two days I take one pill once a day, and then I am done. (My asthma seems improved, but I will have to check my peak flow later to get an accurate measurement. I still have alittle cough though.)

Last night was a little strange. At about 7:00PM I just totally crashed and was falling asleep on the couch. So I dragged myself off to bed at 8:30PM and slept great with no cheminal intervention till 5:00AM this morning when I WOKE UP and then accidentally woke up Sam and Lou, too, when I blundered off to the bathroom in the dark.

So now we are all up! Not our usual Sunday morning routine. Lou usually gets up at 7:00AM and has a couple of hours of peace and quiet alone with Sam before I finally wake up and join the party.

I made myself a cuppa and pressed the button on Lou's beloved coffee maker. Then Lou suggested we look at pay-per-view channels to see if we could fins a movie to watch, but I guess I am just a little too energetic and loud this morning because after I excitedly read out loud the descriptions of about eleven movies, he asked me to please stop talking till he had a little more coffee in him ;^)

So, now I am blogging in my office, and he is watching an old Star Trek TNG quietly by himself. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my laptop? On Friday I sat in my LazyBoy all day, with my swelling ankles elevated, and with my laptop logged on to work. Heaven! WiFi gives me the freedom to go anywhere in the house to work, but right now I am tucked away in my office where I wouldn't be tempted to keep talking at the poor man.)

I think we are watching Pelham 123 (Netflix) and Whiteout (PPV) today. Plus I am planning to iron and maybe log on to work to see if anyone answered any of the questions that I emailed on Friday and Saturday. Another lovely day.

Has anyone seen District 9? We like alien movies but aren't sure if we want to pay to see it.

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Ned Charpentier said...

Hi Karen :)

District 9 is decent. The special effects later in the movie with the weaponry is very unique.

What I go out of the movie was allusions to prison camp and suppression of minorities and how they are treated. You really see from the Alien's viewpoint and grow sympathetic as all they wish is to go "home."