Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pictures from New Year's Eve

This morning Lou and I went through the pictures from the cruise. He will eventually publish all of them to our website with all our other vacations.

I picked a couple of pictures to post here.

Lou and I wandered around the ship during the day on December 31, 2009, to see the preparations being made for the various New Year's Eve parties. Once we saw these balloons, we knew which party we were going to.

Here is the view looking up from Deck 5, where the dance floor is. This area is called The Piazza. It is a big open area 3 decks high with lots of shiny brass and marble.

Here is a sideways view, from Deck 7.

Here we are at dinner on New Year's Eve, all dressed up. We ate in The Crown Grill, which is a steakhouse on board the Ruby Princess. It was awesome and romantic.

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Anonymous said...

who's that good looking couple...enjoying a well earned cruise...???!!! :) love, Mrs. S. xxoo