Tuesday, January 26, 2010

68% Ain't Good

Oooh, it is worth it to go to an actual asthma doctor when your asthma is flaring up!

I had my lung function tested, and I scored 68%, where 100% would be normal. Lou pointed out that a 68 would get me a D if this were a real test.

I also did a peak flow (which is where you take in a big deep breath and then blow out as hard as you can in one big puff). My score was 350 (my normal is 425).

The only thing they did not do, which my old asthma doctor in Seattle always did, was make me blow my nose in some Saran Wrap (instead of Kleenex) and then look at the results under the microscope.  That is one test I do not miss.

The doctor asked a million questions and then made three suggestions:

  • that I stop using my nebulizer (because I do not feel that it is helping)
  • that I take a short course of prednisone (because I have been coughing far too long)
  • that I use a stronger dose of Advair for one month only

Tomorrow morning, I start the prednisone. I will probably start feeling a lot better really quickly. I am really looking forward to not coughing. I would do the happy dance but dancing makes me cough.


Gail said...

I'll do the "happy dance" for you! (Lou can join me if he wants!) I love you, hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Tell Lou that none of us liked getting graded in school anyway!!!
And from an ex-smoker's point of view, I had much rather look at from the point of view that you have near 70% capacity,(which is almost 3/4), instead of you've lost 30%. So, 68% don't sound so bad, nothing a few steroids and a couple of angels doin' the happy dance can't fix. Keeping you in my T's & P's. Love ya.