Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Night

Taking the clinical trial drugs at 10:00PM is so much more convenient that taking them at 10:00AM. I don't have to drag them back and forth to work in an insulated ice pack, which is nice. They can just stay in the fridge at home.

Perhaps more importantly, when I get to work, I can have a cup of coffee to jumpstart my mental processes. When I was taking the pills at 10:00AM, I couldn't have anything but water. Water doesn't jumpstart anything except maybe a trip to the rest room.

Tomorrow I am having a CT Scan. We'll see how well the clinical trial drug is working.

I also got a letter from UNC asking me to come back for a followup after my CyberKnife radiation surgery. I made an appointment to see Dr Morris at the end of this month. I am looking forward to telling him about how the tumor in the psoas shrank so significantly and then later how my psoas tightened up so that I could not start up straight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Good morning!!!! I am so glad you got something for your asthma yesterday and are feeling better today and I am thinking lots of positive thoughts for your tomorrow for your CT scan. We are doing great out here, raining a lot but that is typical for January in SEattle. And Jim is liking his new job and very grateful to simply be employed!!! LOve you lots and lots and I will talk with you today or tomorrow!!! xoxo Debbie

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Karen!

Will say a special prayer for you tonight.

Anonymous 1

Gail said...

Karen- You're in our thoughts and prayers every day but especially tomorrow! We love you and we'll be "with you in the fellowship of the spirit" tomorrow!
Love, Gail & Eddie