Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Supposed to Feel Great

Darn it, I am supposed to feel great from now till next Wednesday when I get my last dose of Doxorubicin,  but I feel awful today. My lungs are tight, my sinuses are stuffed up, my back aches, I have a small dry cough, and I am tired... basically I have a cold.

I have been sidelined by the common cold.  Jeepers.  I guess I've grown accustomed to more dramatic illnesses like, "chemotherapy-induced nausea" or "fatigue associated with a low blood cell count."  Not the sniffles!

I slept as late as I could this morning, took some Sudafed and some Vitamin C, and now I am going to log on to work.  I'm not going into the office because I figure I do not want to spread this germ and I probably will need to take a nap later.

Anyway, I had a fabulous long weekend:

  • On Saturday, Lou and I went to the planetarium in Chapel Hill and saw a show on black holes. It was awesome. I took away two things:  that gravity is like acceleration and that there are a disconcertingly large number of black holes in our universe that are constantly sucking in all surrounding matter at an alarming rate.  My worries for the safety of the universe were abated by a delicious lunch at the Weathervane restaurant at that store called A Southern Season.

  • On Sunday, we went for a really long walk in the neighborhood. I bought some yellow mums on sale at Home Depot for the flower bed by the stop sign.  My wonderful neighbor Nick poured holy water from Lourdes over my head!  And then we wrapped up Sunday night at Chas and Darlene's house for dinner and a roaring fire in the firepit.

  • On Monday, Lou sprayed Round-Up on the crabgrass in the front lawn while I planted some of my plants.  After a couple of hours, it was too hot to continue working in the yard, so we quit.  We went out to lunch AGAIN and then did a little shopping for the house.  We finished the day by killing our second disc of The Unit (Season 1) which we are hooked on. By the afternoon, I had started feeling this cold creep up on me, with the exhaustion and the little cough, so I ended my weekend on the couch under a blanket.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl- Missed you last nite.
My cure for a cold, and I promise my colds never last more than 2-3 days.
- 1000 mg Vit C @ least every 4 hours
- 2 capsules Echinacea @ least 2 times a day
- as many jalapenos (or other hot pepper) as you can eat - or mixed in food.
- no dairy products

You'll be well in no time !!!!!

Love ya - Keeping you in my T's & P's

Rick Evans said...

to think I could have brought holy water from the Ganges in Varanasi for you - on the head would be fine as long as you kept you mouth and eyes closed