Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Jeepers, I was dragging for about a week, and it took its toll on my mood.  It is hard to be tired for a long time.  Nothing seems fun when you are so tired.

So last night, I found myself reading psalms in The Bible. Not just any psalms either.  Just the lamentations!  They are the ones that are like, Oh Lord, rescue me from the mire!

The lamentations really cheered me up.  Today I feel a lot better, both physically and emotionally.  I think the appeal of the lamentations is two-fold.  First, I got the message that there's lots suffering in the world, so much so that it made it into The Bible. I am clearly not the only person with problems.  Second, my situation doesn't seem so bad in comparison.  I am not in a pit with my enemies rejoicing over me.

I am feeling so much better that I am actually headed into the office.  (I have been working from home so far this week.)

My friend Truett sent me this picture awhile ago.  It is a snapshot that someone in his congregation took of his church.

Late Afternoon Update

I went to the office and got some good work done.  At about 2:00PM, I started to see blank spots on my computer screen.  Migraine!  I had to head home.  Total bummer.  The Maxalt helped, but I had a bad headache for the next couple of hours.  It's 5:00PM now and the headache is now mild. 

Also, my new Rowenta iron arrived via UPS this afternoon, but a big chunk of the plastic housing was BROKEN off and rattling around in the box. This iron is really lovely looking, though.  Macy's has the best customer service on the planet, and they are expediting me another iron.  All I have to do now is drop off the broken iron at my local Macy's.  A couple more days of wrinkly clothes...


Anonymous said...

I love reading the Bible! I always feel better. I have been going to church to pray. I can't beleive what a difference that has made in my attitude and perspective. Thank you for sharing! Love and Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Just catching up as it seemed things have been rough lately and wanted to find out without asking :-).

This post made my day. I loved this post.