Monday, September 27, 2010

Personality NOT Linked to Cancer Risk or Prognosis

Here are a couple of quotes from a Reuters Health article that I found:

"People who are friendly and outgoing and those prone to be nervous and moody have at least one thing in common: their personalities do not seem to be connected to their risk of developing or dying from cancer, a new study finds."

"The findings, from two long-running studies of Finnish and Swedish twins, add to evidence refuting the theory that there are certain cancer-prone personalities, and that personality is an important factor in the odds of surviving cancer."

"The notion that having a 'fighting spirit' will affect your cancer prognosis is an appealing one, said Coyne, who directs the behavioral oncology program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia."
For the full article, use this link:

Why did I like this article so much?  Because when I hear someone telling me that I am going to be fine because I am so cheerful, sometimes it strikes me the wrong way.  I "hear" that I had better stay cheerful, or else I won't be fine. And I "hear" that if I end up not fine, it will be my fault because I was not cheerful enough. Grrrrr.  (I know that is not what the person is really saying.)

But I am very glad to be a cheerful person. It certainly helps make every day more enjoyable.  Maybe personality type is more of a quality of life issue. 

What if some Grumpy Joe and I have the same tumors, get the same treatment, have our tumors shrink (or not) at the same rate, and have the same number of days left on the planet?  Which one of us is having more fun?  The moody one complaining about everything, or the cheerful one focuing on the bright side and planning crazy vacations? 

The article says a cheerful personality won't buy me more days -- but I think it buys me more fun every day.


Anonymous said...

Karen, Amen!!!! Couldn't agree with you more. CQ

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be planning great vacations and enjoying your trips like you and Lou are....who wants to deal w. "grumpies"...but we've always loved your cheerful personality and if it makes YOU feel better that is what matters...:)Love ya' Mrs. S. xxoo ps I think some folks just like all drama around them and prefer to feel grumpy but then they miss out on good things around them...just my thought...:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. Glad that you are sleeping better. Hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your attitude, sweetie.

Jean Trainor said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Smiley girls definitely have more fun

Anonymous said...

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