Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Germ Warfare

Tomorrow when I go to the Duke Clinic, I am supposed to wear a paper mask to protect other patients from my germs!  Nice.

As it stands, I am still getting chemo tomorrow. Having a bad cold does not necessarily keep you from getting chemo.  It all comes down to what the lab says about your bloodwork.

I coughed all night long. This morning, I started coughing up nasty yellow goop, which means I have a respiratory infection.   I've got an appointment with my fabulous primary care physician later this morning, and I expect to come home with a bag full of antibiotics.

On the phone and in email, a couple of my dearest friends have very kindly suggested that if I had just called in sick last week when they told me to, then maybe I wouldn't be so sick this week.  Well, I'm not 100% sure that saying I told you so is technically within the spirit of the Cheer Me On blog.   ;^)   It's not called the Bum Me Out blog.  Or the Tell Me Off blog. 

I know I should have taken it easy last week.  But that is so hard to do.  With the flowerbed, it was unbelievably satisfying to get those flowers planted. A couple of times yesterday, I snuck outside in my PJs to admire my flowerbeds.  And with work, it is super hard to call in sick because I love what I do and I have deadlines.   Oooh, if it turns out I am too sick for chemo, then I bet I can work from home for the rest of the week!  Excellent!  (I never learn.)


omerandpat said...

OK Sweetie, whatever you feel like doing is OK with us. How is that for being supportive?
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

ditto what Omer and Pat said Love ya' Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Thinking of You and Lou and Lots of Prayers Always! Love and Hugs, Sharon