Friday, September 10, 2010

The Eye of the Storm

Yesterday must have been the eye of the storm, the calm pause in the middle of the chaos.

I felt really wonderful yesterday. I didn't even blog because I was in such a rush to get to the office.  I had a great day, too.  I ran around, talking to people all day, gathering lots of good info to stuff into my book.  I even volunteered to update a particular chapter that on a topic that I loath and fear.  Not once did I cough.  No germs did I spread.

But last night, the cough was back. I even woke up in the night coughing.  Lou woke up, too.  And this morning, I've got the cough, the sore throat, the whole shebang.

So the debate in the Ross household this morning is, do I work from home today?  Lou wants me to stay home.  I want to go in because I need to talk to some people to clear up some questions I have. Lou counters that I could use the phone to ask my questions.  I argue that these questions are too complex to talk about on the phone.  Stalemate.

I am going to take another 12 hour Sudafed, rinse my sinuses, jump in the shower, and see how I feel after that...

Next Wednesday is my last dose of Doxrubicin. I want to feel well by next Wednesday. I wouldn't want to do anything that causes this cold to linger any longer than it has to. I don't want to have the sniffles when the nausea hits.

Ooooh and the plan for this weekend involves the Museum of History and an exhibit on George Washington!


Anonymous said...

we're hoping for another good result from Sudafed....and better feeling want to enjoy the wkend....:) take care Love, Mrs. S. xxoo

omerandpat said...

I didn't know you could talk German! That was German? My daughter is sooo smart!!

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie, hope you are feeling better!! I SEE, You did not follow my suggestions for curing a cold. I know it is pretty Extreme, but it does work. Feel better soon.
Love ya, Doane
Keeping you in my T's & P's.