Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I Too Sick for Chemo?

Today is supposed to be my last dose of Doxorubicin!  But the question is, am I too sick to get it?  All depends on what the labwork says.

I started the antibiotic yesterday.  I coughed a lot last night, waking us both up a few times.  You'd think maybe we'd be cranky this morning, but we are both cheerful.  I'm excited at the prospect of finishing up the Doxorubicin.  Let's killl a few more cancer cells today, and then go get a scan in three weeks.

But with this cold and my low neutrafil count, I might not get chemo today.

I was thinking about telling Lou to stay home today. If he is not with me, and if it turns out I am too sick for chemo, then I could go straight to work from Duke... but how crazy is that?  If I am too sick for chemo, then I am too sick for work!

Cross your fingers!  I want this chemo!

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