Friday, February 19, 2010

Submitted My Report

Yesterday I emailed all my blood sugar numbers for the week to Ann-Marie, my clinical trial nurse. She had asked me to chek my blood sugar three times per day, and I did. Some days, I checked four times but I didn't send in the extra numbers.

I should have also phoned just in case she doesn't check her email often, but the day got away from me.

I am hoping that they write me a prescription for some low dose diabetes drug, if only to make this headache go away and stop me from drinking so much water all day.

I saw at Rite Aid for about $20 I can get my own blood monitor in PINK.  Nice.

When I hear something, I will post it.


omerandpat said...

A blood monitor in PINK!!! Life is good!!
Love ya
Mom and Dad

susan said...

Do know that sometimes it takes trying a couple of drugs to find the right onw - the one tht dick takes with no side effects put me in the hospital so now i take 1/2 of another one...and i don't cheat - but i sure miss birthday cake n stuff like is a great monitor color - esp if you can prick on your arms - i don't do that and it smarts - lol...

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen I am stayin late at work to catch up with you. I'm prediabetic and between myself and the docs it got a little neglected. So I bought myself a new monitor and strips and found that though I am trending a bit higher-haven't turned yet. Very interesting tho that the morning after really stressful days my glucose is much higher. Something to learn there. I hate pushing the trigger too...I find the sides of my my thumbs near the nail are less sensitive. I have a serious sweet tooth and would have a tough time with complete abstinence...
Love and thinking of you and am sure we will chatter nonstop in July!! Kathy from Kent