Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crunchy Cheesy Ouchies

Tinalynne and I bought snackies for the three hour drive to the cemetary. Strawberry Twizzlers for her, Red Vines for me. How could two old best friends be so diametrically opposed to what is virtually the same snack food? Well, they aren't the same. They are completely different.

We also had a bag of Smartfood, which is white cheddar cheesy popcorn. Mrs DeAngelo and I were in the back seat with no supervision, and we did our best to polish off the medium sized bag of cheesy crunchy goodness.

But there was hell to pay later on for me. I had forgotten that if I eat too much of something crunchy like Cheetos, the inside of my mouth gets irritated. With the chemo and the clinical trial drug, the irritation becomes actual booboos and they take forever to heal.

(Of course, if I have just one serving of crunchy goodness, no mouth booboos occur.)

Anyway, for five days I felt a piercing pain every time my inside cheek scrapes against my back molars. Such scraping occurs every time I talk or smile or swallow... But today the pain is gone. Still a little sore, but I do not want to walk around with a mouthful of air to keep my cheek away from my teeth. Such is the price for a cheese popcorn attack.


susan said...

Sometimes ya just gotta act out - right? and, in ways, the penalty is sorta worth it - lol. Life here contineus to be a stuggle - am headed back to bed myself but jsut wanted to say "hiya" - hugs, susan

Anonymous said...

I wish I had known. There is "Magic Mouthwash" that is fabulous. 1/2 Mylanta, and 1/2 Benadryl liquid, it is wonderful for sore throats and for mouths boo boo's. Hope you are feeling better. Love ya.