Saturday, February 20, 2010

Should Not Have Changed My Diet

Darn it, maybe I wasn't listening when I got my instructions about testing my blood sugar for a week!  Yesterday Ann-Marie said that I should NOT have changed my diet at all. That would have given them a better picture of my situation with the high blood sugar.

But I did change my diet because those high numbers freaked me out and I kept getting a headache that would not go away. What were the changes? Not too drastic. No more yogurt with 27g of sugar in the afternoon!  And I stayed away from bread as much as I could. Stuff like that. 

Anyway, it's clear I need to get the blood sugar under control, and Dr R asked whether I wanted to see my primary care physician or have them find me someone at Duke. I chose my fabulous primary care physician.  I got an appointment to see him on Monday morning.

One interesting side note: if he puts me on Metformin, there is some kind of restriction at Duke regarding CT Scans and Metformin, like I would have to not take the Metformin that day till after the scan.

I read through the clinical trial drug paperwork again and saw that 10% to 20% of patients get the high blood sugar side efect. I always was at the top of my class ;^)

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susan said...

Metformin is the one that dick takes with no problems at all and which made me sick as a dog - i ended up taking 1/2 a gli-something....hope that they find one for you that works right off the top....dick had no learning curve at all and i ended up in the hospital - not fair, right? His starting bs was 720 as we had had the flu and were, in our ignorance of our diabetes, pushing fruit juices - he should have been in the hosp but refused to go - my starting bs was somewhere around 200...we do a lot of yogurt too and like the yoplait lite (abour 100 cal and low sugar,low fat) -some of the flavors are yummy...