Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diabetes School

When I saw my primary care physician about my high blood sugar, he asked if I wanted to talk to a nutritionist, and I agreed that it was a good idea.

I want to understand what I should be eating (and not eating) for better control of my blood sugar. Some things are obvious, like no more yummy yogurts with 27 g of sugar! Plus, the diabetics in my life have offered a lot of good info, but I want a plan and some handouts. I love handouts. I like looking for typos.

Plus, now that my appetite has decreased so significantly (which is the miracle side effect of the clinical trial drug, let me tell you!), I am not that interested in food and am very open to the idea of getting a food plan. I want to make sure that I am getting all the nutrients that I need so I can stay healthy and strong to fight the cancer, but I still want to keep losing weight.

So I called the nutritionist for an appointment, and she suggested that I go to the adult diabetes management program at Wake Med Cary instead. It sounds great: a one hour private assessment, a full day class, followup appointments, and a support group if you like that kind of thing ;^) The program is run by a nurse and a nutritionist. Before I can sign up, my primary care physician needs to fill out a referral, so I am in a holding pattern right now.

Tomorrow afternoon I go see Dr Morris at UNC for my six-month followup after CyberKnife radiation surgery. I am really looking forward to telling him about how that tumor in my psoas muscle shrank significantly. I could not be happier about CyberKnife and my experience with Dr Morris and his team.

I have to look back in this blog so I can tell him exactly how much it shrank. It is so cool that this blog is a record of what has been happening, because I would never remember it all. Even the really shocking stuff, the stuff I thought that I would never forget, well I have forgotten most of it. Probably a good thing!

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