Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Forecast

Sometimes it is good to let practical considerations and silly issues distract from the big picture. I was wondering what to pack for the trip, and so I just checked the weather for Missoula:

Snow on Thursday, with temperatures from 38 (high) to 26 (low).

Clouds on Friday, with temperatures from 37 (high) to 29 (low).

I think I better pack a turtleneck and a sweater. I would have worn my hiking boots to keep my feet warm, but last night I almost fell walking on ice in my darned hiking boots.

Keep your fingers crossed that my new silk thermal undergarment arrives in time from Lands End... yeah, I am talking about longjohns. This must be a new low.

Our friend Scott used to live in Missoula, and he told us one winter it got so cold that trees exploded from the ice inside them.

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