Friday, June 5, 2009

Twenty Percent Complete

They had told me that the first treatment always takes longer because they are still setting everything up, and they weren't kidding because today was a breeze compared to yesterday.

I am not sure what time I went in for treatment, but I was out by 11:15 AM. My blood pressure was nice and low, both before and after treatment. In fact, I have never seen it so low! And right now I am not dreadfully sleepy. So today has been a lot better than yesterday.

Gerry the nurse verified that last night's insomnia was indeed the decadron (might be spelling that wrong) and he apologized for not warning me. Because I got the dose much earlier today, there is a chance that I will have my decadron wakefulness from like 6PM to 10PM -- which would not interfere with my sleep.

I wanted to collect more details for you. Let's see...

  • I counted 14 changes of position by the robotic arm before I got distracted by Harry Potter and stopped counting.
  • I saw a yellow caution sticker that read: Laser Radiation Do not stare into beam!
  • The part of the machine from which the beam is emitted is called the Laser Aperture.
  • I forgot to ask how much of a dose I am getting -- and how many individual beams I am getting. I really want to know. Maybe I will write myself a note for Monday morning.

So I get the weekend off! No more CyberKnife till Monday. Lou and I have been seeing a new movie every weekend -- has anyone seen Up? Should we try it?

What I am doing this afternoon that my blogging obligation has been met? I'll be ironing this stack of laundry ;^)


Anya said...

Hey Karen...Thanks so much for the blogs! They are awesome and we are right there with you in spirit. I hope all the rest go as well as todays....and man, Movie...I have not seen a movie in years so I will be no help. But, do go and enjoy each other and the movie. I look forward to meeting Lou someday. We all miss you. Take care girl! Anya
PS one thing you should do this weekend is go to the garden where you saw the turtle and dig down and see how many eggs it laid!! We did that once and there was a whole mess of them. Then we got a 5 gallon bucket, filled it with dirt and eggs, and buried it...and waited for the turtes to hatch. Eventually they did and of course we got to see them as they could not crawl away til we lifted them out of the bucket! So...there is a weekend science project for you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! that's great news. I knew you had enough PMA going for you that this Cyber Knife thing was going to take. I am so excited for you.
As for movies, Sam and I are talking about going to see Hangover I think it starts today
Thanks so much for being dilegent about your blog commitment. I would hate to have to worry you and call you each day and smother you to death on the telephone and have you describe each and every detail for the umteeth millionth time.... I want to make sure you stay motivated(HA HA).
And as for the ironing -- some of us know!
As always, keeping you in my T's & P's.
Love to both you and Lou(ie)

omerandpat said...

Definitely go see "Up". We have seen the previews at the theatre and feel it is a must see.
As far as the ironing goes, wish I (Mom) was there to help you out.
Luv ya,
Mom and Dad

Glen said...

Hey Kay, We're so glad you are doing so well. We faithfully read your blog and faithfully say prayers for you every day. I heard UP was great. I didn't know you loved to iron - so do I - must be a family thing, ha? We must get it from Nana! ;-) Love ya - F & G

TBritt34 said...

We agree, your blog keeps us in touch with you and Lou; it helps all of US too, just geting an idea of what you are going thru. As always, you are in our thoughts all day long and are with you in spirit. Thanks again love Glo and Tom

Ryan Charpentier said...

I'm visiting Mom in New Beige this week and I just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Goodluck today during your CyberKnife session and enjoy the Potter!

Lots of love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Karen! Definitely go see Up and be sure to see it in 3D. The movie is phenomenal just from the standpoint of story, characters and voices. But the 3D is truly icing on an already excellent cake.

Oh, before I forget, if you run out of things to iron I'll be glad to bring stuff over for you. While I too have a mild fondness for ironing, I'm more than willing to sacrifice for the cause, so to speak.

Avoid laser staring,


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen
Movie update for the week. Disney's "Earth" starts today, 6/8, for every ticket sold in first week, Disney will plant a tree in the rain forest. Ellen D Show was promoting it today-filled with great animals and great movie she said.

Anonymous said...

Disregard previous post, I did not realize the Ellen SHow was a rerun from Earth Day which is in April, and I do not keep up with current movies as a rule. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Daily prayers coming your way. Hugs, Donna Larsen

Christy said...

Karen, I'm so glad it's going so well. Thanks for so faithfully keeping us up to date thru your blog. Did you see "Up" or "The Hangover"? I've heard both are excellent.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I'm thinking of you. Let me know if I can bring you by some groceries on run any other errands for you on my way home Tuesday. (I'll be out of town for a few days after that.)

Love and hugs!
Carol Q