Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Stubby Pony Tail

I've been growing this pony tail since June 2007 (which is when the first round of chemo ended).
Not that impressive!

But almost good enough to be seen in public. I have even been looking at barettes and fancy elastic bands lately...

Now I know for sure I'm headed for the exact same chemo again.

I'll start losing my hair on the 21st day after chemo starts. So there's no hope of improving this pony tail. (Don't get me wrong, chemo is giving me lots of hope! Just not pony tail hope.)

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the fabulous EnV Color Bar Salon in Apex, and Renee, who is an artiste with cut and color, gave me an impossibly cute short style. (No photo available yet.)

Here is a final look at the pony tail:

Thanks very much to Jay who took these pictures for me at work on Friday.


Carla said...

Someday you will have your ponytail again!!
Hair falling out must be quite unpleasant :(
And (while admittedly knowing so little) I can only imagine that the process of getting chemo and getting sick from chemo So you Can get well seems counterintuitive! It seems sorta like the Chemo is an army off to war to battle the nasty cancer army (I am sure this is not orginal), and like any war there is fallout and undesired consequences but hope for a better future.
Anyway keep the faith and as always I know you have all your fans (including me!) rooting you on.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your wonderful hair cut on Monday! :-)

-- Meredyth

Robyn said...


I think Carla is looking for the term-collateral damage to describe your pony tail...and who cares if it is original or not...I like thinking of you having your own chemo army. You could picture them in neon fatigues with toilet bowl brushes instead of guns...their little helmets could be like the Martian from the Bugs Bunny cartoons...all scrubbing away the cancer cells...Hey, and they could call in NATO-like forces-the Scrubbing Bubbles from the commercials to get your tissus sparking clean!

You know, you could have cheated all this time with a pony tail hair piece and now you cut off the stub! When you do get your hair back some, I think I can get you back to pony tail faster, albeit, cheating...

But what are friends for but to encourage you to have the desert, buy that new top, right? So it should only go the way for pony tails...!!

I send my love and prayers...I miss seeing you. The Cary girls owe you a visit so let me know when you are up for it!


Kat said...

Hey, no matter whether you lose it or could keep it, I think it's FANTASTIC that you have one now that's actually QUITE long (according to me)!!! "You'll have another!" (she said, chiming in after all the others). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your hair stylist is simply a genius! For those of you who have not seen the new 'do, it looks simply MAHVALOUS!