Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow morning I hear the treatment plan. Perhaps I'll have some decisions to make. I am really looking forward to the meeting. I really want to get treatment started.

Plus, right afterward, Lou and I head for the coast!

The plan is to update the blog on Thursday night, when we are settled in at the hotel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

We are thinking off you and praying. have a wonderful time at the outer banks, it is a great place for respite.

We love you both lots and miss your presence here in the N.W.
Love Bob and Sally

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I am so glad all the docs are talking. Chris had recieved the gem/taxol combo plus cisplatin. Some patients call it there Jim beam. I know you might appreciate that. Karen I love you am thinking of you. I love your hair/ pony. Keep praying. love Karla

Gail said...

I hope you and Lou have a great time at the Outer Banks! One of my best memories is of the Wright Brothers Monument at Kitty Hawk. Know you are loved.

Gail & Eddie