Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Done with CyberKnife!

All done! Time for a happy dance!

The treatment today was fast and dare I say almost pleasant, it being the last one. Although, knowing it was 292 individual beams and 500 CGy did weigh a bit on my mind; probably best that I did not know it was 292 beams when we started last week.

Afterward, Nurse Jerry convinced me to stay home tomorrow and rest. He suggested that I actually wait till Monday to go back to work, but if I am feeling okay on Friday, I am planning on heading in to the office. Probably will not be riding in the vanpool, though, since it might be best to have my own car with me in case I need to head home early.

I have a checkup in a couple of weeks, and then in three months they will take a peek at the tumor. I am not supposed to expect massive shrinkage -- but a lack of growth would be super fabulous.

Here is some even better news: I found out that I am meeting with Dr Feins next Tuesday to check in and set the new date for the lung surgery.

Plus, my wonderful primary care physician, Dr Derek Schroder, got me a second opinion appointment over at the Duke Bone and Soft Tissue Cancer Center with Dr Reidel for next Wednesday!

Any minute now, our new mattress will be delivered! Gonna have a great night's sleep tonight. Actually had another great might's sleep last night on Lou's side of the bed. I guess he has sort of enjoyed his couple of nights in the guest room away from me tossing and turning, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and he assured me that he is looking forward to vacating the guest room tonight ;^)

Sushi tonight for sure at yummy Genki Sushi near the corner of Kildaire Farm Road and Ten Ten Road at about 6:00PM (in case you want to join us).


omerandpat said...

We are very happy that Part 1 is over and its a good idea to have your our car on Friday.
This blog is so great--everyone knows what is going on.
Wish we were there to help you celebrate with Sushi!!
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

Pat S. said...

ok we'll do a happy dance and continue w. best wishes for continuing good news and progress...we'll pass on the sushi idea tho'...:) Mrs. S.

Sandy McNeill said...

YAY Karen !
Been thinking about you a lot.
You go girl.
Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Anya said...

Karen! Awesome news. I am glad you were early on the busy cyber knife day! Such cool stuff. I will be looking for you Friday if you make it in. Eat some sushi for me. Where is your favorite sushi hangout anyway? Rest up today. Anya

Robyn said...

Hi Karen...

I've been MIA but want to send you love and kisses, I mean best wishes...ok, kisses, too!

Thanks for keeping us up to date...Next MRI? Call me and I'll tell where there are large bore MRIs that really reduce that inside the sausage casing feeling...!

Love you!

susan said...

Karen - I like your friend's idea of the happy dance --- will do my own version on your behalf....learning from your positive attitude (am in total terror re the stuff in my life - don't know how you don't fall into this - my head is in faith - heart isn't listening)....glad that you are doing so well - you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers! susan b