Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Only One More Left

The fourth treatment is complete, with only one more to go!

Today's treatment went really well. It seemed to go fast. I had washed the Harry Potter CD in the bathroom, and there were no skips or pops this time, so I got to listen to an entire CD uninterrupted. One more treatment to go -- one more CD to go.

I ate a couple of ginger snaps before and after the treatment, and my stomach did not hurt today. Could be all in my head, but it worked.

I remembered to ask for the details: each treatment consists of 292 individual beams. The dose for each treatment is 500 centi-Gray units (cGy). So the total dose after five treatments will be 2500 cGy. That ought to kill the tumor, eh?

I got a really cool full color map of the beams -- Lou is going to scan it in for me so I can post it here.

I was not zonked out this aft, although I did take a quick nap.

Still no word when the lung surgery will occur.

Looking forward to going back to the office on Thursday!

Lou and I are going to scout the flower bed to try to find the spot where Mommy Snapping Turtle laid her eggs on Memorial Day. The eggs could hatch anywhere from 55 to 125 days. For more info see http://www.naturealmanac.com/archive/snappers/snappers.html

Oh! The final treatment tomorrow will be super early. We need to be at UNC at 7:30 AM. Yikes. But they have five patients scheduled for the CyberKnife tomorrow, so it is going to be a looooong busy day for Nadya and the rest of the team!


omerandpat said...

We're not any happier than you must be that this will be the last treatment tomorrow. Don't you think you should take a day off before returning to work? But if you insist--go to work! Hurray and Hallelujah!!
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

HI Karen,

We are so glad the 4th treatment went well and you were not as exhausted afterwards. Hope tomorrow goes as well also, you are a real champ in attitude and perspective!!! Love you lots, sending lots of T's & P's. By the way, all the ladies of ABSI love that "T's & P's" and everyone here is starting to use it for other things. Take care and will talk with you soon, Debbie & Jim