Monday, June 1, 2009

Procuring Harry Potter on CD

Lou and I took your advice and had a wonderful weekend.

It started Friday night with dinner out with our neighbors at a fantastic Italian restaurant in Garner called La Piazza, where I got to sit with my closest neighbors' grandaughters and talk about puppies and girls who keep their Barbies mint in box as an investment (we disagreed with the practice).

Lou and I went to see the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie, took a walk at Crowder Park, and generally had a lot of fun.

This morning I talked to my primary care physician about how I am not sleeping well and keep waking up in a panic because I have forgotten to take my drops! (I have no drops.) After that, I went to work and made a lot of headway on an issue that has had me flummoxed for awhile.

On the way home from work today, I stopped in at the Cary Public Library with the mission of checking out the CD version of the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, because I'm supposed to be able to bring a CD with me to CyberKnife on Thursday, and I decided I wanted it to be Harry instead of music.

Oh, so I finally got a library card after almost three years here!

At first I couldn't find Harry anywhere. I was bummed, but I chose a murder mystery that I was NOT guaranteed to enjoy, and then headed for the checkout desk when the sign Juvenile Audio Books caught my eye. Harry, strangely enuff, is not kept on the adult shelf.

So, I have Harry. Now I just need to pick my outfit for Thursday. What does one wear for radiation?


Brian said...

I remember reading the Sorc's Stone and enjoying it, that was my favorite one. I made it to book 3 I believe before I let Harry go. The movies are kind of fun too. Think they'd laugh if you wore a hazmat suit on Thursday?

omerandpat said...

The fashion police say that whatever you wear, you will be beautiful!
We'll be thinking and praying for you Thursday--as usual.
Mom and Dad

Christy said...

I'm so glad you found Harry at the Cary Library. As someone who visits that branch often, I will tell you that they can "order" other audio books from other branches if they don't have what you want right there. You can scan their available lists online. Now that you have a library card - there's no stopping you! You might even venture into the Adult offerings one day....oooooooooooo!
Karen, you are an inspiration and a joy to know. I will be thinking good thoughts for you on Thursday - and everyday.

Anonymous said...

Karen, be sure to bring your "magic" wand and just keep twirling that sucker in your "minds eye".

Anonymous said...

Good luck Karen. You will be in my thoughts. With the "magic wand" catch the positive energy we'll ALL be sending you.

Gail said...

I think bright spring colors...cheerful, like you! I must say that I check on you through this blog every single day! I am struggling with some tough times with my own treatment and you are defintely helping me through them. (I actually thought about truning around and going home on my way to the Dr this morning, but I decided that you would never do that, so I'd better just stick with it! Thanks for being my friend! Gail

Kat said...

Hey, it's GREAT that you finally have a library card & that you found Harry! I always tell the librarians that my library card is my "favorite piece of plastic"--more valuable & enriching, also less dangerous than credit cards. :-)

Hope we get to see you "on the bus" tomorrow, but if of wishes in your fashion-conscious hazmat attire when you visit Mac the CyberKnife. ;-)

See you soon!

Valerie said...

Hope you enjoy Harry Potter' I liked the books. Wear something comfortable. You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

As always/all ways good thoughts and best wishes to you at this stage and beyond and we include Lou in our thoughts and prayers too...Mrs. S.

Anonymous said...

Karen & Lou:

Allen and I continue to pray for you unceasingly. Please let us know what you need, and we will be there. We love you very much and are blessed by you and Lou.
Cry when you want, yell when you must, and punch the stuffing out of pillows. God embraces you and holds you tight always. The Balm of Gilead soothes your soul and begins your healing. He sends you the doctors you need and the love to hold you up. You are loved so much by your family, friends, and Him. We are here.

Love you both forever,
Carole and Allen

Robyn said...


So...How's things going?

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I keep praying for you. I send my love to both of you.