Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Past the Halfway Point

The third treatment was fast! Plus, I snoozed off for part of it. I had been afraid to fall asleep in case I jerked awake and sent a beam to the wrong spot, but I am pretty well wedged in to this cradle thing and so probably couldn't move much.

I forgot to ask about the number of beams and the amount of radiation! Will try again today!

Lou had a glass of water waiting for me in the waiting room, which was so sweet because I am pretty thirsty when I get out, and then we were leaving the hospital by 10:15. Amazing fast!

But my stomach started bothering me during and after the treatment. We had a quick lunch and I went to bed for just a few minutes... and completely zonked out for 4 hours till it was time to take poor old Samantha to the vet for her ear infection. I wouldn't miss that because I am the one responsibile for washing those ears and wanted to find out if I had done it wrong...

I was kind of sleepy and unmotivated for the rest of the day. I sort of dreaded bedtime because I figured there would be no escaping the decadron wakefulness, but it did not happen. Lou gave me his side of the bed (which is comfy and squishy) and he slept in the guest room and I did take an Ambien and my goodness I slept solidly till 4:30 AM! Awesome!

I am hoping to hear today from Dr Fowler's nurse what the status is for scheduling my lung surgery. It's tricky because he is in London! But she sent him email on Friday.

We did not go to see a movie this weekend. Instead, we bought a new mattress. Yahoo! It arrives tomorrow afternoon. So both sides of the bed will be comfy and squishy! This time, we made sure to buy the kind that you can flip and rotate to minimize wear and tear.

This last little message is a little delicate. A wonderful friend sent me flowers on Friday, a really beautiful arrangement mostly pink! Lou placed it on the coffee table and it totally filled the room with scent. Well, over the weekend I had some pain and some nausea, and discovered that the smell of flowers does not help. This bouquet is still totally lovely but had to be moved to the dining room where it can be admired from a distance. Thinking ahead to lung surgery and because I have asthma, I guess I ought to avoid any more flowers!


omerandpat said...

Gotcha'--no flowers but plenty of good thoughts and prayers.
We are so glad you had a restful nights sleep and pray that todays treatment doesn't cause any pain.
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

doanennc said...

Your presence was missed by many last nite! Hope you felt the love from afar. So you had lots T's & P's.

Anya said...

Hey Karen...Almost done. Yippee. We miss seeing you! I hope they can schedule your lung surgery quickly so you can get this all behind you. Know that we are all thinking of you and praying hard. Anya
PS An turtle eggs? :-)