Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ginger Snaps and Ginger Ale

I have nothing exciting or momentous to pass along to you.

The last few days, I have been feeling fatigued, with a backache and mild nausea off and on. Naps work on the fatigue; Advil works on the pain; and ginger snaps & ginger ale work on the nausea. I sort of wish I knew how to make gingerbread. Anyone have a gingerbread recipe you want to email me?

On Friday night I went for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea.

On Saturday, Lou and I hung out at Chaz and Darlene's house in the old neighborhood. We had a super lunch and then a wonderful time floating around in the pool. It was awesome.

Lou asked me to make him a meatloaf for Sunday dinner.

Have I mentioned that I gave up putting sugar in my morning tea? For years I have been obsessed with my perfect morning tea: Tetley British Blend round tea bags, two per mug to get it good and black, with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and skim milk. I used to drink endless cups of tea! But a few weeks ago, I gave up the sugar because it did not seem like a good idea every morning to send a little rocket fuel to the cancer. But ugh my tea is just not the same. At first I tried no sweetener at all, but now I use a sprinkle of Splenda. It is okay. But I have no desire any more to have endless cups. Two mugs seems to be my max.

Oh, I can hear that Lou has The Two Towers in the DVD player. Got to go.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... You never did say whether or not you actually fulfilled Lou's meatloaf request. However, in the event of a future (or the still unrequited current) request, keep in mind that Boston Market makes very good meat loaf.

Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Honey in your tea, or is that just as bad as sugar.. I Always used Two tea bags also with a touch of honey w/2% milk...

Gail said...

I'm planning on sending a gingerbread recipe. I have a great one for gingerbread coolies, too! I LOVE ginger and I put a little freash grated ginger in fruit juice to "zip it up".


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better today (Wednesday). Are you back at work yet? The only gingerbread I've ever made is the Betty Crocker recipe and the kind from a mix. The recipe one is much better than the mix :). Here it is:
two and one-third cups flour (all-purpose and not self-rising)
one-third cup sugar
one cup molasses
three-fourths cup hot water
half cup shortening
one egg
one teaspoon baking soda
one teaspoon ground ginger
one teaspoon cinnamon
three-fourths teaspoon salt
Heat oven to 325. Grease and flour 9 inch square pan. Mix all ingredients and beat on low for 30 seconds scraping bowl. Beat on medium for 3 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally. Pour into pan and bake for 50-55 minutes. Serve warm.

Take care!
Mary Beth H.

Anonymous said...

Karen I think you would love this recipe;
Hermit cookies- a nice spice cookie with ginger and cin etc. they are cake like texture which can also help. This receipe uses coffee as the liguid but you can substitute another fluid or search for a diff recipe.

thinking about you


Anonymous said...

You are wise to omit the sugar from your diet.

Anonymous said...

There is always splenda :-)