Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transition to Duke

Last Thursday, I called Dr Reidel's office to let them know that I have decided that I want Dr Reidel to be my medical oncologist. I told the nurse about Lou's idea: that maybe the sarcoma team would want me to have the new CT scan BEFORE they meet on Thursday to review my case. As always, Lou's idea was excellent. The nurse said that it might be a couple of hours, but that she would call me back that afternoon with the answer.

About an hour later, Dr Reidel himself called me! He wanted to know what the UNC doctors had to say about the mass in my pancreas, so I gave him an update. He postulated that a biopsy might be necessary but that we would wait and see what the team says. He said that his staff would make two appointments for me:

-- before the sarcoma team meets: new CT scan (with contrast)

-- after the sarcoma team meets: meet with Dr Reidel to discuss what the team decided

On Friday morning, Duke called me to set up the two appointments for this coming Wednesday morning (scan) and Thursday morning (meeting). Awesome! Everything so far has been excellent at Duke.

Now that it feels like we have the doctor thing under control, our thoughts inevitably have turned toward fun. So Lou and I decided that after the Thursday meeting, we will drive to the Outer Banks and spend three nights at a hotel on the beach.

We felt pretty safe making a reservation for Thursday night because we figured that there is little chance the doctors would want to do anything to me on Friday. (We know that chemo would start on a Wednesday or a Thursday.)

Oh, and we'll bring the laptop and use the free wifi at the hotel to update the blog on Thursday with the new plan.

So you are now up to date.


Pat S. said...

Hello Karen and Lou,
Sounds like between you both and the Dr.s you have a game plan. To take a break and relax a bit will refresh you both and get you ready for the next step. Take care--thoughts and prayers as always, Mrs. S.

omerandpat said...

We are happy you and Lou are gonna have a mini vaca. Have a wonderful time at the beach. Lots of T's and P's follow you.
M & D

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

I got your voice message last night and thank you!! Jim and I will be with you every step of the way this week in spirit and hoping that you and Lou get all the guidance and support you are looking for from the new team at Duke. They sound awesome and so does the doctor. Love you tons and will talk to you later this week. Debbie P. and Jim

Yanni said...


You kicked it before and you are going to kick it again! Hell, let's kick it together! Today is my last chemo (hopefully) and I am thinking about you!


Anonymous said...

Karen and Lou....
So happy to hear that Karen is in great hands., Glad to hear that you are both going to have some down time.. Enjoy the beach,., we will miss you at the block party, but we will do anything in the Fall.. If there is anything you both need please let us know
Love, Lena and Bob

Meyer Family said...

We're praying for and rooting for you! Enjoy your vacation! :)

~Marshall & Lindsey Meyer

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that Steve and I are thinking of you always and we know you will make it through. You are a strong woman! You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Love Kimmy and Steve Gilmartin

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys:

Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you.

I think going to the Outer Banks is a great idea. Bob, Steve, Kim, Fischer and I just came back from a three day/2 night weekend in Fort Fischer. The boys and Kim fished and Fischer and I played in the sand and the "edge" of the ocean water. The only negative to the weekend was that on Friday the flies (just regular looking house flies)came at us in swarms and they did bite. At one time I had at least 25 to 30 flies at the ankle portion of my leg. Even OFF didn't deter the little suckers". The rest of the weekend was just wonderful.

I always felt the sun, beach sand and waves was a calming, restful factor. I hope your weekend will be the same.

Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Luv you guys.

Gerry & Bob

Beth said...

Karen, I'm so glad to hear that you are in good hands over at Duke. I will be thinking of you, as usual. Enjoy the beach!
Beth Cubbage

Anonymous said...

I like this Dr. Reidel!!! He sounds like he's got it going on! Carol Q

Kat said...

AWESOME...there is NOTHING like a trip to the beach to calm, soothe, & relax! That constant surf pounding (loudly & hard) & ebbing (soft & slowly), the sun & the wind & the sand, all the little sea & sand critters who pop in & up & out & away, seagulls calling to each other, & that wondrous salty surf that stays so salty on your skin & seems to heal any lil' ole thing that might happen to be on the surface of it... *sigh*

GOOD ON/FOR YOU & LOU that you'll be beaching it!!! :-)

Barbara Burns said...

Hello Karen and Lou,

I just spent an hour or so catching up on what you two have been going through. Following that I spoke with your Mom. You are some fun loving troopers and can certainly write. My thoughts are with you and I will be following your progress. Love, Barbara

burnsie said...

Hello Karen,

Enjoy your well deserved rest. I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Love you.


Anya said...

Thank goodness things seem to be getting under control...and thank goodness for second opinions. What a ride!! When you get thru all of this you will be an expert roller coaster rider.... :-) Hope you are having fun. A