Thursday, March 8, 2012

235 Million Dollars

This morning I am headed to Duke for chemo. Today, I have my first appointments in the new Duke Cancer Center, which cost a reported $235 million.

I am pretty psyched to see it. Staff who took tours have been telling me how pretty and luxurious and private it is. Like, instead of getting chemo in a big room where everyone can see you, you are in a little room in a super recliner, all private.  Hmmm.  I sort of enjoy the drama of other people and their families.

Back in 2010, when I first saw signage promising that the new cancer center would be open in early 2012, I wondered if I would be around to see it. (I am always thinking morbid crap like that, can't help it, but hardly ever share it because it makes people uncomfortable.)

So, I start my day with labwork in the new cancer center, then I go back to the old South Clinics to see Dr R (who moves next week to the new cancer center), and then I head back to the new cancer center for chemo at noon.  Luckily, both buildings are right next to each other. Lots of walking today. Got my new sneakers on.

Today I get BOTH chemo drugs!  Powerhouse punch!  Watch out, cancer, we're coming to get ya.


Anonymous said...

Praying With You!!! Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today. God Bless you Karen. Still praying that this new Chemo will work for you