Monday, March 12, 2012

Medicate Me

In retrospect, I really let the nausea get out of control before finally taking a Zofran yesterday, but by then it was too late. Barfing was inevitable.

I think I was in denial about the nausea. I kept thinking that I couldn't be nauseated (even while I was holding my breath and pressing my hand to my mouth to hold back the tide) because nausea wasn't supposed to be a problem with this chemo. The paperwork didn't stress nausea, and the doctor and nurses only mentioned having anti-nausea meds on hand once.

Maybe I have had so much chemo, I'm easily nauseated. Nice.

Plus, I only took Zofran because Lou suggested it. My first reaction was like, "What? No." but then I thought, "Hmmm, he's usually right..." (Isn't that sweet?  Isn't that what every husband wants his wife to think?)

Today will be different! This weekend, the nausea arrived after every meal, so I have delayed eating breakfast till now. I am eating a half bowl of wimpy cereal as I type. Awhile ago, with my morning bucket of tea, I took a Compazine (another anti-nausea drug) with all my regular morning pills. I hope that Compazine + Small Breakfast = Zero Nausea.

Alas, the Compazine usually makes me sleepy. I could probably use some extra sleep.

So I am going to work from home today, just in case. I do not relish the prospect of running down that long hallway to the ladies room if I suddenly have to throw up. I guess the better idea would be to just barf in my waste basket in my office and then casually stroll down the hall to the ladies room.


Anonymous said...

So Sorry!!! Love and Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers your way. :)