Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeling Lousy

First of all, this is not nearly as bad as last summer. But it's not that great either.

I got chemo Thursday and also started the second drug, a pill, on thursday night.

I have ended up in bed fri, sat and now sun.

It's like just an awful feeling all over. A mix of pain and nausea. Plus my bulging disc is acting up.

Hey leave me a cheerful comment, will ya? I could use it. 95% of the comments I've been seeing lately are spam "buy drugs over the internet" comments that the website immediately removes, thank God.

I hope this chemo is working. I hope the pain is from tumors getting attacked.

Going to try to fall asleep now.

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Mary Beth H. said...

Karen, I am sorry you are not feeling well and are experiencing pain. Hope the weekend gives you a chance to recover and that next week is better. Hang in there!
Thinking of you and hoping you are able to get some sleep and that it helps :)
Today (Sunday) is gorgeous. Maybe you could sit outside for a little and enjoy the sun.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I will see you about 2 months, that ought to cheer you up my friend. I can't wait. I need to hear from one friend before I start to buy airline tickets, etc.

At least you have sun, go worship it!! It is typical gray day here but I enjoyed my walk by Lake Washington.

Love you,
Kathy from Kirkland :~)

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,
Hang in's a beautiful day...maybe Spring is truly on the way on the east coast and tom. is another day...did Scarlett O'Hara say that??? feel better sooner than ya' Mrs. S. xxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

so sorry you 're having a lousy weekend. Hang in there and rest up. Lots of good weather coming this week to enjoy. Sending healing thoughts and hoping that your body is regrouping and ready to soak up the sun again soon.