Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spontaneous Happiness

On Thursday, after we got the good news that I was not having the tumor biopsy and that I was off chemo till the following Thursday, I turned to Lou and said, "Let's go away for the weekend!"

We had been talking about running up to DC to see the shuttle Discovery arrive at The Smithsonian at the end of the month... but this weekend was a gift. I was practically guaranteed to feel great, so we had to go somewhere.

First, of course, we had to figure out how to get home from Duke!  Ha!  Two people could not help, but the third could.  (Christy, we love you.)

Anyway, we spent 30 minutes at home surfing the web, and we chose to come to Orange, Virginia, to see the home of James Madison, our fourth president. Yesterday they celebrated Mr Madison's 261st birthday. So we are here for his birthday.

Plus, earlier this year, I read Founding Gardeners, which was about how some of our founding fathers were very interested in agriculture and gardens and the amazing natural abundance of America. Madison was in there, a big section on how he laid out the gardens and forrest at Montpelier, and now we are going!  In a couple hours I'll be walking in those gardens.

Plus, Lou just finished reading James Madison, which was the story of his life and his contribution to the constitution.

So Montpelier, as a romantic weekend getaway, could not be more perfect for us!


Anonymous said...

and you guys deserve to have a getaway...:) so enjoy it...hope the weather cooperates but even so relax and see the sights...TTFN xxoo Mrs. S. ps Happy St. Paddy's Day too...:)

Mary Beth said...

Yeah! Glad you are having a nice weekend away. It is great that it can count as an educational field trip too :).
Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Carol Quast said...

Hi Karen,

I read your blog today before leaving you the message (obviously). I have always wanted to go to Montpelier! I've seen several shows on it.

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend and I'll talk to you when you get back.