Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Light Reading

I realized today that I have not been itchy for days. It is funny, but true, that it is difficult to notice the absence of something. I am not even sure when the itchiness subsided.

I am feeling good. I have been sleeping really well; there is nothing like being rocked to sleep on a ship. We have been waking up early and running around all day like maniacs, and then I am ready for bed around 9:00pm.

I totally fell asleep on the bus today. Almost everyone fell asleep.

I am reading Laura Bush's memoir, Spoken From the Heart, and I am really enjoying it. I am not that far into it. The first President Bush has just been elected, and Laura and George have just moved to Washington. The memoir is full of unexpected, touching stories. I keep getting really choked up and having to stop reading. And I keep reading short passages aloud to Lou because I want to share them.

There was one passage that really got me. I'm going to quote it here for you because, well, you'll see why:

"Life's largest truth may be that everyone faces tragedy. Learning to accept those tragedies, learning to accept that life is riddled with events large and small, events that you may cause or that may happen to you, events that you can never control, is perhaps the hardest lesson of all. In that wrenching fact, I have faith that no one is ever alone."


Rick Evans said...

Now that is a wonderful quote - so perfectly true!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I totally love the quote and agree with it!!! And your picture on the ship is beautiful, hope you are having a fabulous time on the trip of a lifetime. Love you lots and lots!! xoxo Debbie P.

Jane said...

So glad you are having a good time.....; )
Jane B