Friday, May 7, 2010

Am I Still Diabetic?

There is a chance that the diabetes will go away now that I am off the clinical trial drug, presuming of course that (A) I was ever on the real clinical trial drug and that (B) the diabetes was actually caused by the clinical trial drug (and not by my love of pasta).

So I am checking my blood sugar faithfully, like 5 times per day. That's first thing in the morning, and then both before and after both lunch and dinner.

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, I dropped to 98 (which is about 50 points lower that the previous week).  In general, the last couple of days, my numbers have been much improved, but they are still not within the normal range.

I saw my fabulous primary care physician yesterday and he suggested that I monitor my blood sugar closely. If the numbers are all in the double digits then I should switch to one half pill per day. Then if the numbers remain in the double digits, I can go off the pill entirely and see what happens. I was looking for this strategy because I didn't want to be wondering what to do while I am on the cruise, with no access to my doctor. (Although there is always a medical center on board.)

It's funny but a lot of times things hit the fan on vacation.  Sometimes those things are difficult, like the ridiculous swelling of my ankles in January in the Florida heat. Sometimes those things are good, like when we finally got an offer on our house while we were anchored off the coast of Spain, and we had to fax a 50 page signed offer back to our agent using the on-board satellite fax...

It would be wonderful to have the diabetes go away.  (But it would be okay if it does not go away, because it certainly helps one stick to a reasonable food plan.)

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Anonymous said...

as a member of the diabetic "club" I say stay on the meds. until after the trip then you can eat as you want... w/in reason of course...boy, that Om and Patsy always thinking about giving you their ironing they'll lv you laundry to do to.. take care Love, Mrs. S. xxoo