Friday, May 21, 2010


Almost every afternoon, Lou and I go the Cafe al Bacio on Deck 5. Lou gets espresso, and I get a pot of tea. I usually bring my laptop and take the opportunity to type up a description of what happened so far that day. Keeping a log of the trip is the only way we remember everything that happened. It comes in handy when we post pictures to too.

So here I am, blogifying in the coffee shop. Too bad I am not smiling.

I am having an excellent trip!

I have been trying not to think too much about chemo starting on June 2.  I was greatly relieved at all the information I got from various people. So then I put it out of my mind for now.

Today I looked at scarves for my head but did not find anything to buy. There were many lovely options, but nothing appealed to me as something I could wear to work wrapped around my head. I am not looking forward to wearing a wig again. I heard that I'll probably lose my hair 15 days after I start the Doxorubicin. That's June 17.


Anonymous said...

just FYI, Karen, those pills for diabetes are a pain to cut in 1/2...:) enjoy your trip...Mrs. S.

Robyn said...


Have so much fun that you make the rest of us pea-green with envy! (Famous Scarlett quote)