Saturday, November 21, 2009

Searching for Side Effects

On Friday I was talking to a friend at work about how if you pay too much attention to a list of side effects, maybe you start to manufacture some of those side effects...

I admit that I have been looking for side effects this week, hoping to determine whether I am actually getting the study drug, but at the same time I have been reveling in how awesome and energetic I feel. It has been a wonderful week!

Well, on Friday, I did not feel all that great. I had some exhaustion at midday (a giant cup of coffee helped) and a dry mouth. The dry mouth stuck with me all day, but is gone this morning. It was not so bad that I had to use the magic mouthwash, but I did need to chew Trident all day. The exhaustion was back at the end of the day. How do I know it wasn't just normal end-of-a-long-week exhaustion? We were on our way to Genki for a fabulous sushi dinner when I decided I was too tired (!!) and so we picked up Chinese takeout and headed home to watch the "new" Star Trek movie (which had just arrived via Netflix).

Then on Saturday I had real chemo exhaustion and had to go to sleep for two hours in the afternoon.

So... what do you think? Maybe I am getting the real trial drug and not the sugar pills!

[I'm going to stop obsessing about this now.]


omerandpat said...

OK Sweetie--if votes count, it's the real chemo drug and not the cheap imitation!
It seems silly to say that we are glad you are exhausted and have side effects but you get the gist of our T's and P's.
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

susan said...

Karen - dear friend - it is ok to obsess - just give it over at the end of each session - or give the obsessing a time limit - asking yourself not to be human is tooooo hard - just keep being real and honest as you always are - we are hear to listen to the headradio too...with much love, susan and dick

Robyn said...

Helloooo our little Honey Lamb...

I like what Susan said... Allow yourself to be human and obsess for short periods.

Sending you love and best wishes for the real drug and not the near facimile...