Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rainy Sleepy Sunday

Today looks like it will be a cold, rainy day, perfect for hanging around the house doing nothing in my PJs. The high today will be 58 degrees.

Lou and I are watching the X Men Wolverine movie. (We took a break from the movie so I could update my Halloween posting about the little pirate who ran screaming off our porch.)

Today, nothing much needs to happen. I need to read the clinical trial consent form one more time, and Lou needs to watch a little football.

My oncologist is a Phillies fan, so I might watch highlights from the World Series Game Four tonight so I have some baseball banter for our appointment tomorrow.

Emotionally, I am definitely feeling a lot better than yesterday. I guess I just needed to vent. Plus, I feel so much better. I have some energy again! No more twitching and shaking!


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen
A sleepy Sunday it is! I wish I could take advantage of it, but I must work this afternoon. We missed you last nite. Hope you had many trick or treaters. I will keep you in my T's & P's for Monday's report.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

T's amd P's from us too, we love you and will be there in spirit with you tomorrow.

xoxo Debbie and Jim

Jean Trainor said...

Hi karen

I am new to your site and have leiomyosarcoma myself. I am also new to blogging! any helpful advice gratefully received