Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I have a lot to be thankful for!

My awesome husband

My happy marriage

The comfort I receive from prayer

My excellent job

My "Cadillac" health insurance

My brilliant and fun coworkers

My wonderful parents

Duke's Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Center

Significant shrinkage in all eight tumors

Evidence that I am getting the clinical trial drug

CyberKnife radiation surgery

Avante physical therapy

All my friends

My bossy Golden Retriever Sam

Memories of Molly, Spike, and Winnie

Doane's guardian angels

Long term disability insurance

Life insurance

Foyle's War, 2 new episodes just arrived from Netflix

That I have not breathed a word to my best friend that my cancer is back because I cannot burden her with worry about me because she is struggling with her husband's cancer. I've had the honor of supporting & encouraging her, the way you all support & encourage me.


omerandpat said...

You are at the top of our "things to be thankful for". You're terrific.
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Very well said and we will continue to give you support & pray that you are well soon....

Anonymous said...

Karen, Love your gratitude list. Even when I am my most sad I remeber the spiritual excercise of gratitude. One day i was so blue and this homel;ess guy came ou to fthe park with his shopping cart and crossed the road with layers of clothes, a shopping cart, and one shoe i think.Wow ther i am in my Infiniti feeling sorry for myself. So yes I can be sad but god is good. He is taking care of me after Chris dying. Keep up your spirits! So glad the treatments are working. Win it karen !!! Karla

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Hi Lou!! Happy Thanksgiving after day to both of you too. I miss seeing you at Thanksgiving and sharing birthdays, gratitude dinners, and Thanksgiving weekend. I love your gratitude list too, and have been saying my own gratitude prayers for your treatments and tumor shrinkage and how blessed you are to most likely be getting the clinical trial drug too. Love you lots and lots and most of all glad that we have been friends for fifteen years, hard to believe how fast time goes by!!!!!
xoxo Debbie P.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. Thank you for your gratitude list:)

Rick Evans said...

We are missing your happy face on the van pool! I find it encouraging to have you around and miss you when you are not. When faced with tremendous difficulties you are still fun to have in the van when others would succumb to the depression. You are one of those people who make the world a better place by being here. One day I hope someone says the same about me.