Thursday, November 19, 2009

Powerful Flashlight

If I take this really powerful flashlight and shine the light across my scalp and then lean in really close to the bathroom mirror, I can see some peach fuzz!

Goodness gracious, I am feeling impatient to see some hair growth. I got my last chemo on October 22 -- that is virtually a month ago. I think in 2007 my hair came back faster than this. (Does anyone remember?)

I have completed four days of the clinical trial. I haven't noticed any side effects -- and believe me I have been looking for them because I want to know if I am getting the drug and not the sugar pills.

The study drug comes in a Z-fold card that contains an entire week's worth of pills. The pills need to be refrigerated, and they need to be taken two hours after I eat breakfast. Two hours after breakfast, I am in the office. So I have been lugging this Z-fold card back and forth to work each day in an insulated bag with an ice pack.

If these are fricking sugar pills, then they are the most pampered sugar pills on the planet.


susan said...

you are due for some good days - (re your p[ost about feeling good).....

Anonymous said...

it's probably that you need a more powerful flashlight!!! :) we're wishing you total success w. your next step and we you in t and p's Mrs. S.