Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of Fun

I had so much fun this weekend! Here we are at Chas and Darlene's house, after a cookout and swimming in their awesome pool.

At the same party, we also got to celebrate a huge vistory for our friend Mo and his dog Chloe. At an agility competition in Charlotte this weekend, Chloe won a MACH (Master Agility Championship), which means she has accumulated an amazing 750 points for wins over her career as an agility competitor! This accomplishment took 4 years of hard work.

Here is Mo holding a cake that says, Congratulations Mo and Chloe.

We had a great time hanging out at Chas and Darlene's house. Around 9PM, though, I really crashed. I was suddenly exhausted and we split. So we missed the neighborhood fireworks.

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Anonymous said...

That is very impressive in agility. I have coworker who has a chihuahua in agility!! Her little guy does pretty well too. Thought of you lots in San Antonio. So glad to be home tho. T's and P's and love,
Kathy from Kent:)