Friday, July 16, 2010

Is My Cup Half Full or...

Is my cup half full or is my cup ready to be dumped out because there is a fruit fly swimming in my beverage?

Translation:  Was yesterday's dose of Doxorubicin my half way point, or was it my last dose? 

I'll have a CT Scan on August 2, and then on August 4 Dr R will tell me if this chemo is working.  By working, I mean the cancer either stayed the same or shrank. If it is working, we continue on with the next three doses. If it is not working, we quit Doxorubicin and come up with a new plan.

Yesterday went okay.

My neutrafils count was low, at the actual cutoff point for whether they would give me chemo. (Neutrafils, which I might be spelling wrong, is one of the components of white blood cell count and is responsible for fighting off bacteria.)  I asked about a Neulasta shot, and the PA said we ought to wait and see if it drops further. It was funny, Lou and I were like, why wait?! So she will email Dr R at the beach and ask him what he thinks. I hope to hear today.

I was very surprised to feel nausea yesterday. Previously, I have felt no nausea on the first day. With the drugs they give me in the IV, I really shouldn't feel nausea on the first day. So I was in complete denial for hours as the mild nausea sat in my throat. "I think I feel mildly nauseated, but that's not possible."

By 8:00PM, the nausea was a little stronger, and I realized I really was nauseated and took a Compazine, hoping that it would also help me sleep. It seemed to take a long time for the nausea to go away and a long time to fall asleep. But eventually it worked.

When I woke up this morning, I did not feel nauseated. Today I start taking Decadron, which really helps to keep the nausea way. I am also going to take Zofran too. That is what I did last time, to keep the nausea from starting. Since it already started yesterday, then I think I really need it.

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