Sunday, July 18, 2010

Early Mornings

There is something sort of great about waking up early in the morning. Today Lou and I went out to Brig's for breakfast and then did the grocery shopping for the week -- and got home by 10:30AM.

The rest of the day is sort of dragging, though. I cleaned the guest room closet because George and Rich and Lisa are coming in the next couple of weeks... and I scooped dog poop in the backyard. But overall I am tired and unmotivated. Good thing there is no ironing left to do.

I haven't had a good time the last couple of days. There has been a lot of nausea, but no vomiting at all. I phoned the "oncologist on call" at Duke yesterday because I had been taking the max of everything (Decadron, Zofran, and Compazine) and I was still nauseated. So she said to take an extra Decadron. That worked wonders! And today I am feeling no nausea. Yahoo!

I am really looking forward to August 2 (scan) and August 4 (results) to see if this stuff is working.

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