Friday, July 9, 2010

It's In The Car

This time around being bald, I could not face the wig. So I have been wearing baseball caps -- and a couple of times, scarves. It seems to be working out fine. I'm really comfortable, which is all that matters this time around.

Last time around, it mattered a lot to hide the fact that I was getting chemo. That was what the wig was about. This time, I don't care about hiding it. (I think the fact that it is going pretty well has something to do with not needing to hide it. I am not nearly as messed up this time.)

The funny thing is, my car is filled with baseball caps. I wear a cap all day but take it off when I get into the car to go home. Then I forget it in the car. Lo, there are now at least six caps in the car! Pretty soon they'll all be in the car, and I won't have to decide which one to wear till I get to the parking lot at work in the morning.

I do need a white cap, though.  Or I need to go to the fabric store and get some white fabric for a scarf. Maybe a cool eyelet so my head could breathe... This time of year, I am wearing a lot of outfits that would look best with white headgear.

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