Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waited Three Hours

I called the triage nurse yesterday just after 11:00AM to report that I was very dizzy and needed to hear back from them because this was a completely new and unpleasant symptom.

I had surfed the web a little and saw that dizziness is on the list of things you are definitely supposed to call your oncologist about. It can be caused by anemia, which of course I was just talking about yesterday.

Well, three hours later, I still had not gotten a call back from the triage nurse.

Lou said I ought to call Dr Reidel directly. It was surprisingly hard to do that; I had to psych myself up. I didn't want to bother him. That seems kind of funny now. Maybe it just goes to show how impaired my judgement was.

Anyway, Dr Reidel had given me the phone number to reach him directly, so I used it. When I explained the dizziness, he suggested that I might be dehydrated and told me what to do to fix it. He suggested that if I was not better in 24 hours to call back. He agreed that it might be my red blood cell count, but that we should rule out the dehydration first. That was good.

I immediately drank some grape Pedialyte (baby gatorade type drink). I found an unopened bottle in the fridge, leftover some "stomach upset" from weeks and weeks ago. Dear God that was so gross and sweet! (I bet babies love it though.)

I have not had any dizziness today, which is awesome. I am going to keep aggressively re-hydrating today.

Today I am not feeling that great. It's the flu-like symptoms from the Neulasta shot, I think. Some bones hurt and I am so weak. I was trying to fold sheets and I had to put them down because they were too heavy. (Yes, I was doing laundry. Yes, I iron my sheets. Yes, I am insane.)


Delpfine said...

You *are* insane! I know you like to iron, but sheets?!

Hope you get to feeling better today.

Karen said...

Usually I just have to iron the top edge of the flat sheets, especially if there is a frilly edge that came out of the dryer all wrinkly. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I am so so sorry you are having a not great time right now. It sounds awful and you are a real trouper to even take the time to write about how you are feeling. I admire you so much. As for the ironing, which I hate with a passion, I found years ago that if you take things out of the dryer right away and fold them quick nothing at all needs ironing, and in the rare event it does Goodwill gets a nice donation. Smile. Love you lots and lots, Debbie P.

Anonymous said...

Drink, rest, and you will get merry. That is my prayer for you. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! That which shall not be named!! Feel better soon! Carol Q

Anonymous said...

dollar bills are lighter to iron,

Karen said...

Money is actually very interesting and tricky to iron ;^) You have to iron both sides evenly with steam, or you get the bills curling up.

You kill the germs, and then you get such a neat and tidy wallet.

Anonymous said...

Karen, How time's have changed. Drinking sweet drinks and ironing sheets. I thought only your Grandmother and Aunt ironed the sheets or was it three sheets. Thinking of you all the time. Love, Barbara