Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Totally Hip

On the way to work yesterday, I called Chemo Nurse Marni and she actually answered her phone, so I didn't have to leave a message. That was excellent.

I reported my hip pain. I didn't take any Advil yesterday morning so that I would be able to characterize the pain for her. When I told her that, she immediately piped up with, "Let me ask you some questions about your pain," and we both started laughing like maniacs.

Anyway, the questions were great because I got to say NO to them, and they are the questions that would indicate that the nerves are involved with the tumor in the psoas. Like, "Do you have shooting pain down your leg?"

So now I am convinced that the pain is just the tumor sitting there whimpering and smoking and dying from all the chemo and radiation. That's nice.

I'm supposed to call back if it gets worse; otherwise just take notes about the pain and report to the doctor when I see him on Thursday.

This Thursday is Easy Chemo 6. We originally planned six cycles, so this might be the last one.

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